Digital film production company co-founded by Ryan Bury and Sean Cruser.


Burning Shade Productions is a media company based in Los Angeles, CA that is dedicated to producing and delivering content to audiences across the globe.

Founded in 2012, Burning Shade has produced five short films to date (Botch, Waiting for a Call, A Friendly Nightcap, In Your Dreams and F**k the Lake) and one feature (Far Off) with more underway. Our broad range of content spans across genres ranging from Suspense/Thriller to Drama and Comedy.



Ryan Bury is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where he studied both business and art sides of the entertainment industry. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to work on projects in both film and television. He began a writing partnership with Sean Cruser  which led the two to Co-Found Burning Shade Productions in 2012.

Sean Cruser is a huge nerd using what time he has to make pretty moving pictures to tell some stories. 


Founder: Ryan Bury

Founder: Sean Cruser